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Why TRAK ASSETS is the Industry Leader

Our Trak Assets Team is growing. Key members include:


Craig Park – Partner

Craig has extensive experience in leading and scaling a wide variety of companies, from start-ups to multinational enterprises, with specific success in growth situations, market development and strategy execution. Prior to forming Trak Assets, his operational and  leadership experience spanned the globe in the Business-to-Business, Food, Agribusiness, Online, and Management Consulting sectors.  Technically trained as a biochemist, Craig’s roles have included President of AVEBE North America, President of AVEBE Argentina, China Market Development Manager for Fonterra and Commercial Director, Asia Pacific for AVEBE, becoming the youngest leader of AVEBE’s largest ($100 million+) revenue business unit.


Michael Hanning – Partner

Michael has deep expertise in GPS-based tracking & visualization software technology and in the security and surveillance sector. Prior to forming Trak Assets, he had over 20 years global experience directing sales & marketing teams and managing business development. He has an extensive background in technology companies operating in the Wireless Telecommunications, M2M/GPS Solutions, Software as a Service (SaaS) and e-commerce sectors. Michael’s efforts have been recognized globally. In 2013 he received the Chairman’s Award for “Fostering Innovation through Collaboration” at the 2013 Global Security Summit by the Security Network.


Greg Lawler – Director, Business Development for the Eastern USA, military and government markets

Greg has extensive Federal government agency-wide program leadership and operational experience, liaison responsibilities with many Federal agencies. From 2008 to 2016 Greg was manager of law enforcement policy for the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C. Responsibilities included nationwide policy development, assessment of risk management, guidance and compliance monitoring of seven bureau law enforcement programs encompassing 4000 Federal law enforcement officers. Prior to that, Greg served the National Park Service for 17 years helping to manage several major national parks and at NPS headquarters focusing on national policy development, guidance and compliance monitoring of law enforcement, security and emergency services programs.

Scott Bakker – Security & Safety Business Development

Scott has 30+ years government service as a primary instructor/adviser for Emergency Operations, Emergency Procedures, and advanced communications interoperability. Scott’s recent efforts in 2015 and 2016 include assisting critical infrastructure agencies responsible for the national electric grid.  The positions Scott currently holds or has held are: Operations Chief, Director of Operations, Mission pilot, Squadron Commander, Team leader and primary instructor. Scott’s’ goal is to make the world a safer place by implementing new advanced technologies. Scott is also the Executive Director & CEO of Guardian Group E.M.S. and Guardian Investigative Solutions LLC, focused on Public Safety, Protective Service, Air Operations/SAR, disaster preparedness & humanitarian efforts.


Mike Hubbard – Security & Safety Business Development

Mike has 30+ years of public safety experience. He is Chief Operations Officer of Guardian Group E.M.S. which exists to provide high-value enabling solutions that mitigate loss of life and protect the public at large for all hazard events.  Since 2015 and 2016, Mike has focused on assisting critical infrastructure agencies responsible for the national electric grid in the areas of communications & physical security.  In the law enforcement community, Mike held the positions of police officer, US Border Patrol Field Operations Supervisor (FOS), and USBP Academy instructor, teaching basic and advance classes for new agents & senior agents.  As an FOS assigned to the Ajo Station, AZ, Mike oversaw the daily enforcement operations of the 385 agents assigned to the Ajo station.  Mike is the owner of Combat Shooting Solutions LLC, which specializes in firearms training for law enforcement agencies and their officers.


James Molloy – Canada Representative

Jamie is a lifelong aviation sector and subject matter expert in the areas of safety management systems, airline and fixed/rotary wing air taxi operations, field operations, design management and safety/operational auditing. He has extensive experience working with satellite-based tracking solutions for the aviation, marine, mining and construction sectors. Jamie was previously Vice President of Safety for Harbour Air Seaplanes and currently is President of True Course Solutions Ltd., a Vancouver, BC aviation consulting company which he founded in 2010. Jamie had the distinction of becoming the youngest licensed pilot in Canada at age 14.


Danielle Jensen – Customer Support

Danielle has extensive experience in customer service and support, starting with Xbox where she developed her specialization in Customer Service and Technology Support. She then joined Verizon Wireless to focus on cellular technology and sales. Danielle has extensive experience in technical training and on-boarding. Her Verizon store was voted a 5-star customer experience store in March 2015. Danielle has continued to enhance her experience and knowledge with customer support culminating in her joining the Trak Assets team as Customer Support Specialist.


Allison Evans – Accounting Manager

Allison is an experienced accounting professional with CFO, Controller and Accounting experience. In addition she has operated and led businesses. She received her Bachelor degree in Business and accounting and MBA from University of San Diego.

Value-Driven GPS Outcomes

1. Customer First
2. High-ROI Hardware, Airtime and Software SAAS Solutions
3. Agile Execution & Implementation
4. Ongoing Customer Partnerships
5. Acknowledged GPS Technical Leadership and Industry Expertise