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TRAK ASSETS: Customer Solutions

Trak Assets LLC is a leading-edge integrator of communication, sensor and GPS-centric tracking and operations solutions. Our TrakCore “Single Pane of Glass” Command and Control Platform anchors the solutions, providing an adaptable, modular system to integrate 300+ different communication, sensor and GPS device types and feeds with extensive communication & reporting functionality.

We excel in delivering advanced capability, highly functional solutions with key duty of care, security & traceability parameters backed by extensive training & client support.
With over 20 years experience in technical and relationship-based GPS enterprise solution sales, we deliver the expertise, focus and support required to implement tailored, cutting-edge high ROI solutions and outcomes.
Trak Assets is a client advocate and trusted partner, sourcing and delivering solutions to overcome their pain points. We place our clients “front and center”, fully understand their needs, then roll up our sleeves and execute on the required results.

Clients experience our unparalleled commitment to providing innovative, high ROI, best-of-breed GPS solutions. As true relationship partners, Trak Assets provides for clients:

• Best-of-breed GPS hardware technology, airtime, and gateway feeds to our TrakCore Command & Control software platform
• A tailored GPS-based Asset Utilization Strategy based on client needs
• Full Project Management services
• Product implementation and training
• On-going “health” checks, audits and optimization of your GPS needs.