What is TrakTime?

An Integrated Productivity System, answering: 

“Where are our personnel?”

“Are they doing what we pay them to do?”

“How can we drive higher business profits?”

An Agile, Powerful Reporting & Performance Platform, delivering: 

300%+ ROI and 5%+ productivity gains

Fact-based decision making, hard user data, and individual performance metrics

Better personnel behavior and identification of unacceptable performance

A Simple App “on the outside”… 

Highly intuitive two-button user interface

Defense Sector-derived technology & back end “in behind” for performance analysis

System is web-based with turnkey implementation










1. Daily Timesheet Reporting 

Turnkey and automated

Accurate-to-the-second Clock ON/OFF, (Meal) Break ON/OFF

User monitoring is only activated when user is “Clocked ON” (i.e., working)

2. Daily Performance Reporting 

Turnkey and automated

Determines personnel location relative to target/timesheet data (e.g. at Clock ON)

“Exception-based” reporting on key metrics

Provides objective data and measurement of operation

3. In-Depth Analysis via TrakCore™ Command & Control Tracking Platform 

Provides “deep dive” to trace performance issues

All data generated is stored and fully traceable, enabling full data analytics

All personnel viewed on one screen — up to 1,000s of users

Tenant has full administration rights to tailor user access levels, permissions and alerts

TrakCore™ operates from any smartphone/tablet/desktop and supports other asset tracking







4. Full Data History for Deeper Business Performance Analysis 

Full Data Analytics service available to drive even higher performance

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